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Volunteers Wanted!

Your giving just a few hours of time enables neighbors to safely and successfully age in community!

As a burgeoning, volunteer-driven, community-supported organization, Palisades Village relies heavily on the time and generosity of individuals and groups of civic-minded people throughout the community to help us fulfill our mission.

Share your time and skills

“ Duran Aziz came yesterday. He is a well-mannered computer whiz, delightful, respectful and very helpful. Thank you very much. Another unexpected benefit for us of Palisades Village.”   Job Dittberner

Palisades Village is built on a network of support from caring individuals who can help in any number of ways. Some of the service options you might offer include:

Transportation – Drive members to appointments, shopping or an errand.

Socialization – Home visits, check-ins or phone calls.

Household services – Handyman tasks, technology assistance or landscaping.

Office support -- Administrative support, answering the phone, stuffing envelopes, writing the newsletter.

Event support – Organize, help set up, clean up or cook.

“ Andrew and I enjoyed the summer social and met several new neighbors.  Nice. We were both struck, though, by the kindness of the chefs.  An amazing gift from all of them.  Having attended several events, I could easily see how much work, thought, and care they put into the planning, shopping, cooking, and presenting!  The bowls in the center of the table were a great idea!  Everything moved smoothly.  At the event’s end, I wanted to get up and cheer! “  Marie Chiarodo

Lend your talents

Do you have a passion for painting, a love of languages, or a black belt in ju-jitsu? Our members are always eager to take part in new activities and pick up new skills. We welcome volunteers who are interested in sharing their unique skills with our group by presenting a lecture or conference, hosting a class, performing a concert, or demonstrating their talents in other ways. Sharing your knowledge with our Village is a fun, interactive way to bring your craft to a new, appreciative audience.

Neighbor to neighbor or member to member

Volunteers are called upon to cook for our group meals, complete small projects inside and outside of members’ homes, and perform countless other tasks to help secure our members’ well-being and safety.

Volunteers are vetted and trained based on their interests, skills, and personalities. We also encourage our members to share some of their own time, talents and skills with other members of the Palisades Village community.

One of our Palisades neighborhood members put it this way, “Aiming to balance the help received with help given has been a great way for us to discover ‘the community’ in our community.”

Short-term work with long-term benefits

For our members, the benefits of these types of services are often apparent immediately – a leaky faucet stops dripping, a picture frame is hung in their hallway or they arrive safely and on time to a physician’s visit.

Village volunteers benefit from the satisfaction of completing these tasks. But quite often they’ll also experience something even greater over time: The gift of wisdom, received from people in their community that they may not have otherwise ever met.

“I’ve always enjoyed the company of an older generation,” says one volunteer. “They are so wise and have so much history to share. They are just not bothered by the same things that the younger generations are. I find that so refreshing. Enlightening, really.”

Sign up to volunteer

If you live in the greater Washington, D.C. or surrounding area, contact us about how you can help. For more information, sign up here, send an email to: or call 202-244-3310.