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Volunteers have been providing services to the community since 2009.

Palisades Village gathered on April 25, 2024 to honor our volunteers and celebrate 15 years of service in the community.


The following awards were presented:

Volunteer of the Year 2023 - Elaine Bole

Palisades Village Going the Extra Mile Award – Marcia Sternfeld

Palisades Village Dedication Award – Janet Tersoff

Palisades Village Spirit Award – Sharon Hays

Palisades Village Cheerleader Award – Janet Bullinger

Patience Award – Larry Klusman

If It Ain’t Broke Award – William Bateson

Lifesaver Award – Jane Ferrell

Life of the Party Award – Kate Perry

Wordsmith Award – Jude Michaels

Tech Wizard – Tadzio Latynski-Rossiter

All Around Award – Carol Lynn Halal

Face of Foxhall Award – Charlie Lanman

Face of Kent Award – Greg Mize

Face of Palisades Award – Molly Buck

Face of Wesley Heights Award – Stephanie Partridge

Face of Spring Valley Award – Job Dittberner

Face of Berkley Award – Peggy Adams

Giving it Her All in 2023 Award – Mary Clute

Service Through the Ages Award – Jan Smart

El Jefe Award – Bob Bourdaud'hui

Jack of All Trades – Lee Wilson

The slide show below featuring many of our members and volunteers over the years was displayed at the event. Enjoy!

Thank you to St. Patrick's Episcopal Church for hosting our celebration.









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