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Need to borrow a book?  Contact the office at 202-244-3310 or and we can arrange pickup or delivery.

Here is what is currently in the library:

Baldacci, David   The Sixth Man
Belfoure, Charles   The Paris Architect
Belgrano Rawson, Eduardo   Washing Dishes in Hotel Paradise
Blume, Judy   Summer Sisters
Buffet, Jimmy   A Salty Piece of Land
Chabon, Michael   The Mysteries of Pittsburgh
Child, Lee   Personal
Child, Lee   Nothing to Lose
Child, Lee   Trip Wire
Child, Lee   Killing Floor
Christie, Agatha   5 Complete Miss Marple Novels
Clancy, Tom   The Sum of all Fears
Clancy, Tom   Op Center
Clancy, Tom   Net Force
Clancy, Tom   Net Force-Hidden Agenda
Clancy, Tom   Power Plays
Connelly, Michael   The Wrong Side of Goodbye
Connelly, Michael   Dark Sacred Night
Corwall, Patricia   Body of Evidence
Eugenides, Jeffrey   Middlesex
Evanovich, Janet   Fearless Fourteen
Foer, Jonathan Safran   Everything is illuminated
Follett, Ken   Code to Zero
Gaskell, Elizabeth   Cranford
Goldberg, Myla   Bee Season
Grisham, John   The Whistler
Hawkins, Paula   The Girl on the Train
Hegi, Ursula   Stones from the River
Hershon, Joanna   Swimming
Hesse, Karen   Stowaway
Hiassen, Carl   Star Island
Hosseini, Khaled   A Thousand Splendid Suns
Kallos, Stephanie   Broken for You
Ishiguro, Kazuo   The Remains of the Day
Lee, Chang-rae   A Gesture Life
Lee, Chang-rae   Aloft
Leonard, Elmore   Tishomingo Blues
Lively, Penelope   Family Album
Lucas, John   Tables
Macomber, Debbie   Mrs. Miracle
Michaels, Fern   Crash and Burn
Michalski, Jen   The Tide King
Morrison, Toni   Beloved
Patterson, James   Red Alert
Patterson, James   The 17th Suspect
Patterson, James   The People vs. Alex Cross
Patterson, James   Now You See Her
Patterson, James   Fifty Fifty
Patterson, James, and Paetro, Maxine   The 16th Seduction
Patterson, James   Cross My heart
Patterson, James   The Anniversary
Patterson, James   13
Rendell, Ruth   The Saint Zita Society
Rendell, Ruth   Speaker of Mandarin
Salinger, JD   The Catcher in the Rye
Sandford, John   Twisted Prey
Steele, Danielle   A Perfect Life
Trollope, Joanna   The Rector’s Wife
Trollope, Joanna   Daughters-in-Law
Vida, Vendela   The Driver’s Clothes Lie Empty
Vonnegut, Kurt   Player Piano
Whitehead, Colson   The Underground Railroad
Woods, Sherryl   Destiny Unleashed
Woods, Stuart   Desperate Measures
Woods, Stuart   Shoot First
Woods, Stuart   Wild Cards
Woods, Stuart   Hit List
Woods, Stuart   Turbulence
Woods, Stuart with Hall, Parnell   The Money Shot
Holmes, Andrew   Hunted
Liftin, Hilary   $10,000,000 Marriage Proposal
DiLallo, Max   113 Minutes
DiLallo, Max   French Kiss
Born, James O.   Let’s Play Make-Believe
Slaven, Scott   Taking the Titanic
Hayley, Elizabeth   Dazzling
Howe, Irving and Greenberg, Eliezer, editors   A Treasury of Yiddish Stories
Bloom, Jonathan and Blair, Sheila   Islam
Fallows, James and Fallows, Deborah   Our Towns
Bradford, Barbara Taylor   The Cavendon Woman
Anonymous   Primary Colors
Michaels, Judith E.   The President’s Call
Moore, Michael   Stupid White Men
Orwell, George   Homage to Catalonia
Verville, Rchard   War, Politics, and Philanthropy
Yousafzai, Malala   I Am Malala
Burroughs, Augusten   Running with Scissors
various   Chicken Soup for the Mother’s Soul
Lysakowski, Linda   Recruiting and Training Fundraising Volunteers
Sullivan, Greg   Retirement Fail
Lansdowne, David   Fundraising Realities Every Board Member Must Face
Johnson, Kathy N; Johnson, James H; Sarafan, Lily   From Hospital to Home Care
Mabe, Rex E.   Gardening with Terrariums
Cooke, Alistair   Talk About America
Ephron, Nora   I Remember Nothing
Readings from the President’s Council on Bioethics   Being Human
Fisher, Ken   The Only Three Questions that Count
Kendall, Elizabeth   American Daughter
Holt, Patricia   The Bug in the Olive
McCourt, Frank   Angela’s Ashes
McCourt, Frank   ‘Tis