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Membership Benefits at Palisades Village

Palisades Village can provide you with the support services you need and the community you crave.

Our organization works to support residents aged 50 and older with a core group of services and social events to help them remain comfortable and safe in their homes.

All Full Members of Palisades Village are eligible to receive many essential household services at no additional charge. Members can request services with a minimum of 3 business days.

Sign up for membership, or learn more about our services and benefits below.

Palisades Village Membership Services

Our services, provided by a network of experienced volunteers, include:


Our vetted drivers can take you to events, shops, and medical appointments, and take you home when you are ready to go.

Friendly visits and calls

Our volunteers are always happy to drop by for a cup of tea, or check in with a call to see how your day is going.

Shopping help

We can transport you to and from the supermarket, and help you with your shopping cart while you are there.


If you need a prescription or to pick up an item or two from the grocery store, our volunteers can deliver the items right to your home.

Household maintenance

Paint touch-ups, furniture assembly, and basic carpentry are a few of the household services we can provide.

Assistance with electronics and paperwork

We’ll help with setting up electronic gadgets, and filling out forms or other paperwork.

Referral services

If you need a service that is not provided by a volunteer at Palisades Village, we will provide referrals for verified contractors. In most cases, we can negotiate a discount on the vendor’s standard pricing.

Such partner services may include:

  •      Home health care services
  •      Major home repairs or renovations
  •      Home inspections
  •      Major landscaping services

Reading out loud

If you are sight-impaired, our volunteers will come to your home to read your important correspondence and other materials.

Gardening and yard work

If you need help with raking leaves, pulling weeds, or other yard services, we’ll provide up to two hours of assistance.

Medical Note-Taker

If you need someone to takes during a medical appointment, a volunteer can accompany you and help you remain in charge of your healthcare.


Community Benefits

In addition to our many supportive services, Palisades Village also offers a vibrant calendar of community events, including:

  • An annual house tour
  • Excursions to local museums and historic houses, with transportation provided
  • A lecture series with authors, local historians and cultural experts
  • Social lunches and happy hours
  • Community holiday meals

Members are also encouraged to develop social events for the group. Visit our calendar to find out about upcoming Palisades Village community events.

Questions? Want to learn more?

You can always contact us either by e-mail: or call us 202-244-3310 to set up an appointment or talk with a staff member directly,

Palisades Village is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit, charitable organization.

Full membership fees are $600 for individuals and $900 for households.

Associate members' annual dues is $300; which is tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Please check with your tax advisor.

Just knowing that there is someone to call who is trustworthy is the greatest gift of Palisades Village. Our needs are minimal now, but time could change that, so we appreciate your "being there."