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Building an Engaged and Supportive Community

The Palisades Village community was created to make the idea of ‘aging in place’ a little more practical for senior residents living in the Washington D.C. area.

We understand that if given the choice, most people would prefer to age in their own homes. Yet, as time goes by, there are many challenges of everyday life that begin to add up – in any combination of time, effort and money.

Our main purpose is to help support our older friends and neighbors while also providing peace of mind for their families. We accomplish this in a few different ways.

We host and help organize social events, lecture series, and other events that enable neighbors in our community to make friends.

We understand the importance of helping seniors stay engaged socially by offering many opportunities to get together with friends and neighbors. These events might include dinners, lecture series, sightseeing trips, and more. Visit our calendar to learn about our upcoming events.


We provide Palisades Village Members with access to household and support services.

Some of the services provided by Palisades Village volunteers include transportation to medical appointments, help with shopping, pharmacy pickups, household and yard chores, and friendly visits at home. Through our office, we provide references for “vetted vendors,” such as electricians, plumbers and carpenters. Learn more about our service options here.


We host events to raise funds for our organization and spotlight our community.

Palisades Village organizes public events, including an annual House Tour, which invites all visitors and residents of the District of Columbia to learn about the history and architecture of notable homes around the Palisades area. These events raise money for our organization, bring neighbors together, and help us to showcase our unique neighborhood.


Vision: To empower older adults in our community.

Mission: Palisades Village is committed to providing meaningful services and activities to promote independence, physical and mental health, safety, social engagement, education, and cultrual enrichment of its older adult residents in Berkley, Foxhall, Kent, Palisades, Spring Valley, and Wesley Heights.

Questions? Want to learn more?

You can always contact us either by e-mail: or call us 202-244-3310 to set up an appointment or talk with a staff member directly,

Palisades Village is a registered 501 (c) (3) non-profit, charitable organization.