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PV Board meets February 21


The Palisades Village Board of Directors will meet at 6:45 p.m., Thursday, February 21, at the Palisades Neighborhood Library, at the corner of V and 49th Streets, N.W. The library has both an elevator and stairs. Parking is on the street or in the lot behind the library.

The public is welcome to participate, but only Board members may vote.



Board Notes



Report on the Palisades Village Board Meeting, February 21, 2013

The Palisades Village Board met at 6:45 p.m., Thursday, February 21, at the Palisades Library. Those present included Board officers and Palisades Village members President Phil Potter; Vice-President Janet Bullinger, Treasurer Gerry Slater, and Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Jody McPherson; Board and PV members George Farr, Andy Mollison, Arne Paulson, Ben Rowland, and Art Watson; Board member Lizzie Schueler; Palisades Village members Marty Bernstein, Ursula Daniel, and Andy Mollison; PV supporters Ron Klingenberg and Kent Slowinski; and PV Executive Director Peggy Newman.

President Phil Potter opened the meeting.

Secretary's report: Jody McPherson submitted the minutes of the Board’s January 17 meeting, which were accepted unanimously. A list of Palisades Village members was also distributed. The Village had 70 full members and 41 associate memberships (57 persons).

Treasurer’s Report: Gerry Slater said that a new computer is being installed in the Palisades Village office and that QuickBooks is being installed in that computer; therefore, the treasurer’s report would not be available for a few days. The assistant treasurer distributed a spreadsheet of the actual income for January and February, up to the date of the meeting.

Fund Raising Committee’s Report: Arne Paulson’s report included the following:
--The Cindy Sherman print has been accepted by Christie’s in New York, for sale at its April 15 auction.
--The Committee was ready to send letters to 10 local businesses, asking them about becoming Village sponsors.
--Under the leadership of committee member Charlie Lanman, a seminar on planned giving, with an emphasis on bequests, is being organized, tentatively scheduled for mid-May.
--The Committee is looking into what grants the Village can apply for.
--The Committee is checking out what funds could be raised from a local house tour, which is being worked on jointly with the Outreach Committee. The Fundraising Committee was looking into how sponsors could cover the costs of brochures, etc. The Committee is also looking at how to work with embassies located in the area.
--Arne had recently met with representatives of Razoo—a donation program that works with nonprofits.

Outreach Committee: Janet Bullinger reported that the Committee was going to meet the next day. In the meantime, Committee members had been scoping out house tours, contacting the Georgetown House Tour and the Renovation House Tour on Capitol Hill for pointers. The Committee, under member Rachel Thompson, is also hoping to have Village representatives go to apartment buildings in Wesley Heights to bring the residents up to date on the Village's latest developments and activities.

Events Committee: Peggy Newman (reporting for Bob Bourdaud’hui) said that 26 members and volunteers had a lovely Valentine’s lunch at DeCarlo’s on Yuma Street. The next event is a cultural one, a presentation of Women’s Fashions of the Civil War at the Palisades Library from 1:30 to 3:30 on Thursday, February 28, with Mary Doering, a well-known historical clothing expert.

Communications Committee: Chair Andy Mollison reported that the Committee had found that Constant Contact is a software database program well-suited developing a master list of members, donors, volunteers, etc. It is also good for sending out e-mail messages to both large and small lists of persons for a very reasonable price. Committee members also recommended Taproot as a good source for working on the website. And the Committee agreed that four times per year was the right number for a newsletter, with one of the four being the annual Village Progress Report.

Executive Director: Peggy Newman reported that in January, the Village provided 48 services for 49.7 hours of service. The February service record has been more robust.
--Village volunteers delivered to Village members 70 Valentines made by Key School students.
--Village members have been signing up for a computer class that will meeting at the Palisades Library late in March.
--On March 9, Boy Scout Troop 61, which meets in Palisades Community Church, will perform garden cleanups for requesting members.
--Peggy and Phil Potter will be guests of the Palisades Citizens Association at its March 5 meeting to bring the PCA up to date on the Village's latest developments and activities.
--Peggy recently met with Sibley case managers, who were glad to know about Village services, in hopes that Village volunteers could help patients who leave the hospital remember to take their prescribed medications—to be an extended family for the Village member when actual extended family is not available.
--Services other Villages offer include a declutter-for-safety service; a buddy system in which one volunteer, especially not a weekday-daytime driver, and one member are partnered, and which PV will start a trial run with 2 members; help with bundled telecommunications services (TV, telephone, internet); etc.

Peggy reported that the advertisement for a parttime office assistant has been successful and interviews were starting soon at the time of the Board meeting.

Also, four nice office waiting-room-type chairs are needed to go around the table in the Palisades Village office.

President’s comments: Phil Potter reported that, with changes in DC law on nonprofits, he and Peggy are looking at the Village’s current insurance coverage to see what is covered and to see if it meets the new requirements and the anticipated Village activities.

Then Phil brought up proposed Bylaws changes that he had earlier distributed to the Board. After much discussion, the following motions, with the names of those who presented the motion and those who seconded, were all passed:
--Palisades Village nonmembers may serve on standing committees—motion by George Farr, seconded by Lizzie Scheuler.
--The Board president will appoint chairs of standing committees—motion by Art Watson, seconded by George Farr.
--The chair of each Committee will appoint the members of that Committee—motion by Andy Mollison, seconded by George Farr.

One point of discussion was concern that if the chair picks members, and one of those becomes difficult or disrupts the committee and the committee cannot resolve how to deal with that member, then the Board always has authority to act and remove the member or otherwise address the problem. The Board has ultimate authority with regard to operation of committees. It was also suggested that the Board develop a Code of Conduct for use by the Board and committees.

It was agreed that Art Watson and Phil Potter will draft appropriate amendments to the Bylaws to reflect these three votes and distribute them to the Board by e-mail.

Phil also announced that the members of the Membership Review Committee would be Judy Rosenfeld (Chair), George Farr, and Ursula Daniels, all of whom have agreed to serve. Judy agreed to serve on the condition that the Committee and the Board work to develop criteria for when members may be terminated or some services suspended or eliminated. There was a consensus on the Board to do that.

The meeting adjourned at 8:44 p.m. The next Board meeting will be on March 21 at 6:45 p.m. at the Palisades Neighborhood Library.


Report on the Palisades Village Annual Member Meeting, December 13, 2012

The annual meeting of the membership of Palisades Village convened at 7:15 p.m., Thursday, December 13, at the Palisades Library. Those present included Board officers and Palisades Village members President Andy Mollison; Vice-President Janet Bullinger, and Secretary/Assistant Treasurer Jody McPherson; Board officer Treasurer Jo Stracke; Board and PV members George Farr, Charlie Lanman, Phil Potter, Judy Rosenfeld, Ben Rowland, Gerry Slater, Art Watson, and Judy Watson; Palisades Village members Marty Bernstein, Ursula Daniel, Sharon Hays, Beth Peters, and Rachel Thompson; PV supporters Lizzie Schueler and Janet Heisse, and PV Executive Director Peggy Newman.

Andy Mollison opened the meeting and introduced Peggy Newman, the Village’s executive director. Andy commented that many Board members would like to hire a parttime assistant, to free Peggy to visit more members, to work on recruiting new members, and to get into some fundraising.

Minutes. The members accepted the minutes of the Dec. 15, 2011, Member meeting as submitted by Jody McPherson, who also distributed a list of Palisades Village members.

Interim Coordinating Committee Report:

--Board Member Elections: The Committee’s chair, Phil Potter, reported that Board of Directors was recommending that members elect the following persons as Directors of the Palisades Village Board of Directors for election to their third and final two-year terms, Jan. 1, 2013, – Dec. 31, 2014: Janet Bullinger, Jody McPherson, and Art Watson; and for their second two-year terms, Jan. 1, 2013, – Dec. 31, 2014: Arne Paulson, Judy Watson, and Gerry Slater. The Board also recommended that the members elect Elizabeth “Lizzie” Schueler for her first two-year term to replace Jo Ann Stracke, who is leaving the Board and her position as Treasurer. The members passed unanimously the motion, which was seconded by Charlie Lanman.

--Officer Elections: The Board of Directors recommended that the Members elect following persons for 1-year terms as officers:

President, Phil Potter;

Vice-President, Janet Bullinger;

Secretary, Jody McPherson;

Treasurer, Gerry Slater; and

Assistant Treasurer, Jody McPherson.

The Members passed unanimously the slate, which was seconded by Judy Watson.

--Bylaws Amendments: The Board of Directors also sent to the Members extensive amendments to the Bylaws required by the change in D.C. law this year. The changes include more-specific definitions of membership and who has authority to establish committees,. After some discussion , the Members approved the amendments, which were moved by Phil Potter and seconded by Gerry Slater. Phil also moved, and Ursula Daniel seconded, that the Members accept an amendment to increase the size of the board of directors from 13 to 15. This amendment also passed unanimously. A summary of all the amendments is available by contacting the Palisades Village office at 202-244-3310 or

The Board also asked the Members to approve a resolution to fill the vacancies arising from the expansion, and any others that occur. The two known to be arising will be one for a one-year term and one for a two-year term, to follow the pattern of other board memberships. Phil Potter moved that the Members accept this proposal and Janet Bullinger seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

 The Members were asked to create a Communications Committee with Andy Mollison as chair. The Members agreed.

Finance and Budget Committee: Gerry Slater presented to the Members the budget that the Board had just approved. That budget works with a proposed income of $110,500 in 2013, coming from the appeal in the annual Progress Report, from memberships, and from other sources. The budget foresees expenses of $111,515 (which includes a 7 percent contingency fund of $7,295.40), deriving from payroll (executive director and parttime services coordinator), expenses relating to providing services and maintaining operations, business expenses (accounting and bookkeeping services, etc.), and office expenses (rent, etc.). The Members approved the budget. A copy of the budget is available by contacting the Palisades Village office at 202-244-3310 or

Treasurer's report: Jo Stracke distributed and explained QuickBooks reports on total income and expenditures in November and in January through November; on income and expenses by category during November and the first 11 months of 2012; and on January through November income and expenditures compared to the 2012 budget, and a statement of financial income and expenses, January through November 2012.

 Andy Mollison moved, and Ben Rowland seconded, that the Board and Members thank Jo Stracke for all the work she did on getting the books moved from a cash to an accrual basis and on getting the Village through its first audit, with flying colors. The Members agreed.

Fund Raising Committee’s Report: George Farr reported that the Committee is still planning to contact local businesses about becoming sponsors and to act in other ways, all of which have been under study by the Committee since it was formed in March 2012.

Executive Director’s Report: Peggy Newman reported on the number of service contacts the Village had made since Jan. 1, 2012, and on the number of persons served by the 46 volunteers. Peggy also said she will be working closely with the Outreach Committee as it works to add four new Palisades Village each month in 2013.

In Other Business, Members noted that the meeting was the first time an amplifying system was used.

The meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.

The Board of Directors will next meet at 7 p.m. on January 17, 2013, at the Palisades Neighborhood Library.

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